Day 52

Hello my sweet little one,

You're missing a good time - your Daddy and I are sitting here watching Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers, Part 1 and he's reciting all of the lines - Gollum, the Uruk-hai, the Hobbitses - I'm participating here and there :)

We went out to an especially awful dinner tonight - but it's nice to have a little food in my belly for you. I was craving spaghetti (well, angel hair) and meatballs - but it's always a mistake to eat this at restaurants. Your great-Nana's marinara and meatball recipe is the most amazing recipe for red sauce and meatballs I have ever known - and we do a pretty good job of making it. But since it's such a time consuming process, it's hard to make on weekdays - and I really wanted some.

For the past week, you've kept me quite queasy - but today, today was not so bad, until dinner! It was very nice to feel normal :)

I just wanted to write a quick note to tell you that I love you! and I'm always thinking of you.

And your Daddy is the best man in the whole world. He loves you, he's taking good care of us. He's so sweet, a little bit of a bull in a china shop, but who's not, really. He's like Samwise Gamgee - I cannot wait until you two meet - it's going to be the most beautiful moment.

My Baby! I cannot wait to meet you, please be well in there. May the Lord watch over you and help you grow healthy, strong and wise 

7 weeks & 3 days | 228 days to go!