In Vegas

Hello my little sweet one!

So many things have happened since the last time I wrote.

We went to the doctor on Fri, Feb 7th, and we got to hear your little heart beat on the doppler. At first, the nurse couldn't find you in there, but the doctor came in and "whoosh, whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!" Like a little choo-choo train - the most beautiful sound I think I've ever heard (so far, I'm sure all the sounds you make will melt my heart).

Then we went to get a sonogram for various screenings on Tues, Feb 11th, and we got to see you, cutie little you. You were determined to suck your thumb. Kicked back, so cute!

You weren't cooperating too well so the technician kept shaking you, and you would wiggle and flail your little arms and legs, and then immediately your little hand would go right back up to your face. Especially, your brains, you didn't want her looking at those, but sure enough - you've got them! :)

It was a very sweet, beautiful moment for your Daddy and me, watching you be a little bub in there.

Then you and I got on a plane that evening and went to visit your Grandbutty in Las Vegas. We thought it was best that we took some time out of the brutal winter cold and non-stop snow! So we went there. She was none too pleased with the Morning Sickness that I had for about two weeks, a long long long two weeks! She ultimately gave in and stockpiled the Mint Chip Häagen-Dazs since it's the only thing you and I could agree on.

We worked and hung out with my mom, and mostly just missed Daddy and were on FaceTime or the phone with him every chance we got. And he liked to look at you in my belly, just to say hello.

Your Grandma and I gathered acorns off the sidewalk and for the most part I was forbidden to go outside since it was windy. Also, it was still chilly there, so my hopes of swimming were dashed.

Choco and CoCo liked to step directly on you, hope you didn't mind. They're two silly puppies. It was nice to have stinky animals around. I missed Wowdy so much, we sat by him whenever we could go outside. He was the best chiwowdy in the whole world.

Somewhere along the trip we decided that your daddy should come sooner than later, so he paid a little extra money to come be with us - and a good thing too since it snowed again on our (all of us were originally booked) intended day. Thankfully, another 3 days would've been an eternity for us.

2014-03MAR-05 Valley of Fire State Park, The Cabins. Mommy, Daddy, Baby & Choco

2014-03MAR-05 Valley of Fire State Park, The Cabins. Mommy, Daddy, Baby & Choco

14 weeks & 3 days | 179 days to go!