Growth Ultrasound, 1 Month Later

After all that we had been through from April 4th to April 23rd, with the Hydrops scare and all the uncertainty and the heartache that it caused — the doctors felt confident that her remission would allow her to grow normally enough to go a whole month without a check-up. This past month was a little nerve-wracking, just because we wanted to make sure that her Hydrops hadn't returned, that she was growing through the expected growth spurt, that all her organs and faculties were developing as they should. The unwavering love God has showered on our girl has brought us so much comfort - as well as her tenacity. She greets me every morning with wiggles, reminds me that she's there with some pretty good thumps and then wiggles as I fall asleep. And it's the most beautiful feeling I have ever known, even if it's as though I've swallowed a protesting Gremlin sometimes :)

So this morning we went to our appointment, heads swimming but eager and trusting for good news. She was very wiggly all day long and as per usual, very camera shy. The technician would try to get her to move/roll over, and Clementine would wave her little hands in front of her face like "shoooo!" Darling girl. They were finally able to get a few shots of her face using the 3D option:

Do I look like Mommy or Daddy?

Do I look like Mommy or Daddy?

It's so unbelievable, a) seeing our little girl's "face" and b) the technology behind turning bouncing waves into blobs then sharpening those into a little person. Crazy.

A new doctor came in today - she specializes in genetics I believe. She was telling us about some research studies on Down Syndrome -- one was for Dr. Diana Bianchi and a study on mice that a certain injection made affected mice have better muscle tone and cognitive ability. The other was a study at Tufts Medical Center that we could participate in that would use MRI to do fetal imagining of our girl to understand more about development of her brain.

This doctor reminded us of my mother - she was very excited about what she was seeing in the ultrasound - pointed out different things with amusement and enthusiasm. Working the 3D ultrasound she made jokes about how this job made her a photographer. She was tickled when she pointed out that Clementine had the hiccups! Mark and I thought that was absolutely the cutest thing, to see the little hiccups (even though I am totally sympathetic to how annoying they are - to see our teeny tiny little one hiccuping, it makes her so real :)

One month later, the Hydrops is still gone. The doctor said that her organs looked good, she's average size now (she was super tiny when she had the 18 week ultrasound..) and her AV Canal looks "balanced" -- which I suppose that's a good thing as far as heart defects go. She did say that the Hydrops could return, so please continue to pray that it does not - without that hindering her, Clementine has made huge leaps and bounds in the past month. We hope she continues to be well and do well.

We have our appointment for the second fetal echocardiogram on June 2nd - and we actually sit down with the pediatric cardiothoracic surgeon then to figure out what their plans are. I can only hope and pray that they think she'll be well enough to come home with us for a while after delivery before any surgeries, however, whatever she needs is what will happen.

Thank You Lord for the never ending blessings you've given our Clementine and us through all the miracles we see in her. And thank you all for your continued love and support!

Here's a video a little later in the evening of her dancing around:

We love you, Clementine! <3

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