We're Moving!

In a related, but not completely Clementine-centric event — a few weeks ago we decided not to renew our lease for our current apartment. While we do love our place, with Clementine and Mark's girls, and my hoards of paper and books, we really cannot stay. The thought of moving by July 20th is especially daunting, with the higher risk of Clementine coming early and the unknown amount of care she'll need when she gets here - and the end of July though early is not out of the ordinary for delivery. (Her expected due date is 8/31/14).

My greatest concern was getting down to the wire and being homeless with everything else going on. Of course that's a bit dramatic, however, relinquishing the guarantee of one place without another place lined up definitely takes a leap of faith - and one that I took (shocking! Thanks Mark for holding my hand and having enough faith for both of us to get me to sign that paper! translation: dragging me off the ledge with you! ;)

We went to look at a handful of houses, this is after weeks of me combing through every app and website in existence. I actually went by the house we were considering and did not see a sign out front so I originally gave up on it.. but the relentless thought of how perfect of it was got me to actually dial a phone (if you know me, getting me on the phone is one of the rarest occurrences in nature). It was still available! So we went for a viewing, and Mark's youngest and I fell in love instantly - she's been my "shopping" buddy the past few outings :) We really did though. The thought of everyone having their own rooms for years to come, and a backyard with a little garden, and the beach down the road from us - in between two Starbucks, two Whole Foods and 2 minutes from our current place for ease of moving - it was just perfect.

We applied. And did not hear anything back for a few days. If I was still a nail-biter, I would've been down to my palms.. and then the phone rang. "The landlord is coming back tomorrow, so I'm going to give her your application and if she's interested, we'll plan a meeting." A few more days go by and, "How does Sunday at noon work?" It works wonderfully, ever so so so very wonderfully!

So we went back to the house and met her. She's the most darling person - and it's a little community of neighbors, something I haven't had since I left South Carolina. It was just the best feeling on such a beautiful day. We stood in the sunshine in the backyard and chatted. The landlady gave me a tour of her beautiful garden of raspberries, honeysuckles, forget-me-nots and other flowers and plants. Having outdoor space again is just so exciting, and this little backyard is so peaceful with birds chirping and pretty flowers, trees, and plants lining it. Love.

We sign the lease on Friday. For three full years. The amount of relief that we feel - Mark and I - to know that we can have all our girls under one roof, and our parents, and any other guests for years to come without having to move again or search for a place - until we're ready to really settle down and get our own home — priceless. Oh, and did I mention the landlady was like, and when she's big enough you can put in a swing set - I did not even have to ask, it's just so meant to be. And a puppy in the future. And a fireplace. And a garden. I'm gushing. It's just really exciting. Moving now will ensure that we're settled and can focus on Clementine and her needs and grow our life together without any other distractions for a long time to come!

Thank you, Lord for answered prayers! And thank you for our family and their endless support <3

It was such a beautiful day that we thought it would be a shame to waste, so we came home made a picnic (homemade Vitamix hummus, Caprese salad) and went to the park where we sat and watched the boats and kicked the soccer ball around.

The Park / Beach

The Park / Beach

caprese salad / pizza on naan &amp; homemade hummus in the Vitamix

caprese salad / pizza on naan & homemade hummus in the Vitamix

26 weeks | 98 days to go!