23 Weeks, 1 Day

Hi my Sweetie Pie,

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

I just wanted to say how much I love you. You are so precious to me! I love when you move, and I know that you're just doing your thing - keeping busy, being strong.

Your daddy and I both know you're stronger and more determined than the two of us combined — in your short time with us so far, you've held on while mountains were being moved and we're so proud of you. You're truly special and a beautiful gift to us. 

I haven't even met you yet, however I do know you've already changed the landscape of my heart. I have never known greater fear than the prospect of losing you or greater peace than in the comfort that God loves you so much and has given you so much strength. In all of the helpless moments I've felt, there was nothing I could do but love you and love you and love you even more and pray. I love you so much I could burst. I hope you always know that, baby girl.

Your daddy is the sweetest man alive, that I have ever known. He has the biggest heart and it's bursting for you too. He is inspired by you (how could we not be moved by your amazing little life). He's always going to be here for you, to have your back, to make sure that you have every opportunity to grow and have a happy, beautiful life. The challenges you've faced so far have been tremendous, and we only hope that the challenges that have yet to come, you'll always take them with the same strength and with humor and grace, that you can see them all through too. We believe in you so very much.

It's been an exciting couple of weeks - it's finally Spring and the trees and flowers are all blooming. I can't wait until you're here and you can feel the sunshine and the fresh breeze. Yesterday, we watched your sisters sing at Carnegie Hall and had a wonderful dinner all together with your Nana and Papa in the city. I also bought my first maternity dress - I'm down to one pair of pants - we're excited at how fast you've started growing. Daddy loves feeling your kicks. Sometimes you seem to get shy though, it's like you just know we're out here doting on you.

Your Grandbutty got you some nice souvenir onesies/dresses from Myrtle Beach. She's very excited - I'm sure she's stocking up on all kinds of things.

Everyone here can't wait to meet you. My friend Mike is going to teach you how to play softball, he also won't let me drive him around until you're born :)

I just wanted to also say how thankful I am for the support and love that's been showered on you by the Hydrops support groups. It's a miracle that yours has cleared up and hopefully will not cause you any more troubles - and all the glory goes to God for that. I just hope your story gives other mothers and fathers hope when it seems like the impossible, through the heartache and the helplessness that it can happen, that our babies can fight and win at least that battle, against those overwhelming odds - and I hope God comforts and holds their babies close - as close as He's held you.

I love you Clementine, I'm so thankful for you!

23 weeks & 1 day | 118 days to go!