Visit to the NICU and Check-up Ultrasound

Today we had an early morning visit to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the children's hospital. It was a little rainy out - as most of our trips there have been.

We got to meet with the head of the NICU department. He was so nice and reassuring. He told us lots of personal stories and anecdotes as he walked us through the unit. The area Clementine will most likely be for the first few days is the new area of the NICU. If she is stable but does need to stay longer, she'll be transferred to the older part of the NICU. (He said that the PICU - where Clem will be after her heart surgery - will be very modern.)

He said reviewing her charts, all they're going to do is monitor her oxygen, make sure she's eating, basic things. This is in addition to the pediatric cardiologist doing the fetal echo and all those other wonderful things to make sure she gets the care she needs / determines she's well enough to come home. He did not foresee her needing to be hooked up, or being there too long. I can even go down and breast-feed, if her muscle tone allows for it. So that was super relieving.

While I'm incapable of using any intelligible words to describe seeing little babies in the incubators (instead of being completely healthy and in their loved ones' arms) - I can say this NICU is a really peaceful place and it felt good - as far as seeing the staff all very hands-on, almost every baby had someone bedside. It was comforting, the level of care and attentiveness and also having the doctor be so wonderfully calm, positive and reassuring doesn't hurt. It felt safe, like all those babies were doing great and were going to be great and live happily ever after.

Then we made our way to the Antepartum Testing Unit (ATU) where we had another ultrasound. After having had another fetal echocardiogram, these are like lickety-split super fast! I forgot how quickly they're able to check all the organs and be done (I had to go to the bathroom! ha and they prefer you don't until they're done sooo.. that's why I'm all yay!)

Another new doctor came in and he showed us the ears - so cute. He said her weight is currently 2 lb 8 oz which is pretty average for 28-29 weeks -- and our little one is truly little - the measurement of her femur puts her in the fifth percentile (which I guess depending on your camp is reflective of Down Syndrome (some use it as a soft marker, some think it's not indicative)). The miracle continues, the hydrops is still gone.

All is well though - today she wasn't too shy and in fact felt rather cheeky - while the doctor was just going over a few things with the transducer, she gave him a big kick in the hand. That's my girl <3

Thank the Lord for another wonderful doctor's visit - lots of peace and reassurance! For the wonderful care He's taking of our baby girl and helping her grow everyday!

Also, I'd like to thank our 2 patient coordinators/navigators - one from the ATU/NICU and the other in the pediatric cardiology department - both have been so wonderfully kind and helpful!

28 weeks & 5 days | 79 days to go!