It's been a while!

To start with the latest news — tomorrow, we go for another ultrasound to check my amniotic fluid levels. Over the past few weeks, my AFI has dropped from 8cm on Aug 1st to 3.79 yesterday (levels under 5cm are concerning). We've been to the Antepartum Testing Unit about 2x a week for ultrasounds and fetal heart rate / stress test monitoring since the beginning of August.

We've almost been admitted on the last few occasions, however, they managed to eek out a 2cm pocket each time, and Clementine is still growing and doing well, so they keep sending me home in hopes that I'll get a little further along and then go into labor naturally. Also, I'm at 38 weeks and 2 days now, and as much as they would like to avoid inducing, they try to hold off for 39 weeks as well.

So we go back tomorrow the ATU for another ultrasound, and if I'm not admitted, and I don't go into labor before Friday, the plan is that we go to the OB Friday, and then Saturday we have an appointment at Labor & Delivery at 3:30pm — and we'll start the ball rolling to welcome Clementine into the world! (Our first wedding anniversary is Sunday so maybe she'll decide to make the day extra sweet! also cake - so very excited, a year has been a long time to wait! Thanks again Lisa for that beautiful, delicious wedding gift!)

We just had another growth ultrasound on Friday, 8/14 and she's about 6 pounds, her tummy's average size, and everything else is a few weeks behind average — it's so reassuring how much she's grown! She's still my little peanut though <3

I've been having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions lately, it's so funny to see my belly tighten up in a little mound, giving Clem hugs. Now for the real ones, bring it on!

On July 28th, we had our third and last Fetal Echocardiogram and the Pediatric Cardiologist was happy with how her AV Canal was looking so she did not order a NICU stay for cardiac reasons — truly exciting news. We are so hoping we can keep Clem in the room with us and have a lot of skin-to-skin and nursing time together! Of course, she'll have her first echocardiogram shortly after birth, etc. to make sure that she's doing well.

My mommy got here on Tuesday, the 12th, and we've been busy trying to get last minute stuff for baby and finish the house (still so much left to do)! I am thankful that Clem did not come before she got here, and that my mama had a safe flight.

Mama spent the first few days making little bear and bunny organic french terry washcloths for Clementine <3 they turned out so well!

Sunday, August 17th, 2014 was a beautiful day, so we went out and took a few baby belly bump pictures.

We are so thankful that we've all made it this far. It feels like forever since April when we were told to expect the worst. And here were are with our beautiful little miracle, wiggling and hiccuping and days away from being in our arms. I cannot imagine life without this precious gift (as all babies are beautiful miraculous gifts) and I am so moved by how much strength God has given our baby to endure and thrive. We continue to pray for her healing and her future, and praise His name for all He has done to take good care of her since He blessed us with her little flickering heartbeat!

38 weeks & 2 days | 12 days to go!