Val Emmich // "Audience"

just wanted art that’s truejust want to talk about the blues

there’s no one left in the audience. everybody wants to be in the show. so what am I doing here? i don’t know.

had a picture in my mind but it’s gotten harder over time to hold on to that dream.

Val Emmich // "Like Minded"

it seems the older i geti’m stuck with the people i’ve met only strangers get why i’m upset the like minded

i get lonely as can be searching for somebody like me understands without having to speak the like minded

Val Emmich // "The Patient Patient"

I keep dangling from a stringI keep narrowly escaping what i would do to be less confused it costs a lot to live but it ain’t money that I’m paying with so remember this my words are veins through which my lifeblood spits

Honorary Title // "Ten Years Older"

one day, you woke up ten years oldertaken prisoner like a soldier you left your home for what seemed noble give anything to do it over

all alone now there must be some other way to control how your anger turns into rage.. cuz i know i know life's so unfair we used to escape under the brilliant glare it's the high that conquered you stole the soul from the friend that we knew..

Jarrod Gorbel – Ten Years Older on #Spotify

Johnathan Rice & Jenny Lewis // "End of the Affair"

so, honeyit's the end of the affair, it's the end of the affair and i don't care so, sugar, been a long hard dirty year been a long hard dirty year my dear

you've got all your problems, i've got mine (my hands are tied behind me) all i ever do is waste your time (i don't believe it's true) it ain't right it ain't right

Johnathan Rice – End Of The Affair on #Spotify

Val Emmich // "Wooly Mammoths"

so what am i to do? ... but it gives me the sickest feeling. it gives me the sickest feeling. and it's only getting worse. it's only getting worse. it's getting sadder. i'm getting sadder.

Veruca Salt [nina gordon] // "Loneliness is Worse"

love liked me long agoit had a way of making everyone the same but how angels must laugh and sigh to hear me pleading with you, needing you this way oh why..

don't you wanna be happy with me? don't you wanna be happy with me? i'm afraid if you don't come around soon i'll turn sadder than you ever were then you'll learn loneliness is worse you've gotta try to stay mine, always..

Veruca Salt – Loneliness Is Worse on #Spotify

Val Emmich // "Waiting for the End to Come"

i want to move, i want to feel,i want to see the light i want to rid myself of every kilobyte one day i’ll rewind from nightfall back to sunshine

i’m just waiting for the end to come i don’t know if I can last that long it goes so slow it goes so slow as it gets closer i’ll just wait to the end to start over..

Val Emmich – Waiting For the End on #Spotify

Voxtrot // "Every Day"

there is no love without trying..there is no trust without meaning.. there is no easy way when i crane my neck to kiss your head, i know that there is something i that i can rely on and when i strain my thoughts to push this thread i sew it's some kind of future that i can be sure of..

and i wonder why there is no choice in the things that we hear we hear our lives inside these sounds there's nothing good on the radio there's never anything good on there's never anything good on there's nothing good on the radio there's never anything so i stop to sing and these things come rushing from behind life is changing so far and there's nothing i can do to stop it

.. because i love you, because i love you because i love you, because i love you..

Voxtrot – Every Day on #Spotify

Voxtrot // "Start of Something"

if i die clutching your photograph, don't call me boring, it's just cause i like youoh, take me on back, take me on back, take me back to the place where i could feel your heart is this the end or just the start of something really, really beautiful wrapped up and disguised as something really really ugly?

won't you...

come by and see me, i'm a love-letter away i'd break your name before i'd say: "i really love you, loved you," bow i don't care if you saw i watched every inch of film flash across your roman features and i loved it, loved it..

Val Emmich // "The Lucky Ones"

in the morning lightthe sun shines bright there's a brand new chance to make things right

but it feels like every time i take the leap i think i'll end up on my feet but if history tells me anything i'll have bruises on my back

i'm waiting...waiting but nothing comes no nothing comes of it i'm fading...fading should turn and run but no i'll wait my turn to be one of the lucky ones.

Val Emmich – The Lucky Ones on #Spotify

Rilo Kiley // "It's a Hit"

but it's a jungle when war is made,and you'll panic and throw your own sh/t at the enemy. the camera pulls back to reveal your true identity. look, it's a sheep in wolf's clothing, a smoking gun holding ape.


any idiot can play greek for a day and join a sorority or write a tragedy; and articulate all that pain, and maybe you’ll get paid.

Rilo Kiley // "Does He Love You?"

get a real job, keep the wind at your back and the sun on your face.all the immediate unknowns are better than knowing this tired and lonely fate.

... let’s not forget ourselves, good friend. i am flawed if i’m not free.

Rilo Kiley // "I Never"

and i’m afraid habits rule my waking life.i’m scared and i’m runnin’ in my sleep for you but all the oceans, and rivers and showers will wash it all away and make me clean for you..