good things come to those who wait.. and me :)

2013-03MAR-18_engagement so.. i knew too much.. and spoiled all his plans.. but my mister totally surprised me with this delicious box of Ladurée macarons and this gorgeous ring! he's so amazing and sweet!! I love you so much Mark, thank you ♥ you make my heart melt. and feed me lots of nice cookies, you're cool :)

gorgeous 1 carat-recycled gold ring made by ♥ ♥ ♥ so perfect! she did a beautiful job! ♥ ♥ ♥ read my post about how wonderful tula is!


737122_10101601387668079_195990477_o HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK through laughter and tears our hasty and our overthinking our singer-songwriting and silly dancing forever wowdykinses and wasabis in good times and the not-so-good times the way you sleep with your feets touching mine you always hold me tight and make things all right happy birthday today and more happy everyday i'll kick off my boots and say "there's *love* everywheeeeeerrrrreeeeee!!!!!!" because you're the one who stays by my side in troubles and crazy, in fun and hahas you're the best man, a wonderful man and i look forward to many many many more years i love you mister


why am i so wretchedly curious?!— me, after asking my man my millionth question about random things that i expect him to know the answer to, but why would he? it's all someone else's something-nothings. bwahahahaha.


Mark: You look deranged. Have you even moved from that spot?Me: No, I told you I haven’t even had water to drink since I woke up! Mark: You look it. You look like a crack addict without the crack. Me: I look like death? Mark: No, you look like a crack addict without the crack. You’ve got the white around your lips. — the joys of relationships


Kathleen: I need to go through my drawers.Mark: That's a famous saying. Kathleen: Really? Mark: Yeah, I used to say it all the time. (Kathleen riffles through her drawers) Kathleen: I pick the most inopportune times to do things. Mark: That's cuz you're impulsive. Kathleen: Yeah, well.. thanks to my impulsiveness, some things get done sometimes.. :) — me to my man on my amazingness