Mark: You look deranged. Have you even moved from that spot?Me: No, I told you I haven’t even had water to drink since I woke up! Mark: You look it. You look like a crack addict without the crack. Me: I look like death? Mark: No, you look like a crack addict without the crack. You’ve got the white around your lips. — the joys of relationships

"yeah, well, i still love you new york.."

last minute decision to hop a bus and come into the city to see Rooms and run some errands — wearing a casmere sweater, kneehigh galoshes, uncharged phone.. it’s 70 with 15% chance of rain….. and i just realized i forgot deo :P i love this place and its dirty breeze kisses.


Kathleen: I need to go through my drawers.Mark: That's a famous saying. Kathleen: Really? Mark: Yeah, I used to say it all the time. (Kathleen riffles through her drawers) Kathleen: I pick the most inopportune times to do things. Mark: That's cuz you're impulsive. Kathleen: Yeah, well.. thanks to my impulsiveness, some things get done sometimes.. :) — me to my man on my amazingness